Note: The Harlow Report will not blog tomorrow due to Election Day activities.  (Full disclosure: I am a candidate for election in the Northwest Local School District. Website here.  Cable TV ad here. (It’s a large district.)  League of Women Voters answers here.)

Thieves swipe iPads.  This is going to be a great challenge for innovators.  Fortunately, there are ways to render devices useless if they fall in the wrong hands.  

In Texas, Harlingen County ECHS wins robotics competition.  If you want to see the future of the best America has to offer, go to a robotics competition. 

Small screens, big impact.  Students learning well on iPads in Richmond pilot program.  The heraldry exercise was interesting too.  In case you care, here is some information on the Harlows. Although I am descended from the Massachusetts Harlows and not the ones who first came to Virginia, I cannot precisely connect myself to Sgt. William Harlow. 

In Kentucky, schools are looking for a tech model.  “Owensboro Public Schools wants to develop an innovative grades 7-12 school that would blend high school career and technical education with college technical classes.”  I’d like to read more but a subscription is required.  Perhaps the newspaper should adopt a new model first. 

In Ohio, Vindicator takes Youngstown Schools to task for turning down Kasich offer.  The Governor came to the area to help dedicate a new shale gas processing plant and to tout the economic benefits therein.  He made an unprompted offer to help the city schools, maybe create a plan like Cleveland and Columbus were able to work out. The superintendent turned him down. 

BONUS LINK: Tomorrow is Election Day.  Hmmm… I wonder how the producers of this video feel about drug legalization.