Did you miss out on iNACOL 2013?  It’s OK, so did I.  But the folks at EdSurge have us covered.

In the year 2025… with apologies to Zager & Evans, that’s the year today’s first graders will graduate from high school.  That seems so far in the future.  And one Colorado school is making sure they’re ready to face  that future with iPads. But here’s an even bigger thought: we talk about making students college and career ready, then we reference the year they’ll graduate from high school.  However, at that point, they’re just getting started.  The real year to discuss, and it’s hard since people take so many different paths, is the estimated year they’ll complete their time in the workforce.  Let’s use age 65 as a nice round number.  In that case, today’s first-graders are The Class of 2072.  Scary stuff.

Midland, TX school district goes 1:1 with its 6th-graders.  Fans of Friday Night Lights (more the book and the movie than the TV show) will recognize this as the protagonist school’s biggest rival. Good to see they aren’t using zone coverage for their students’ technological needs.  It is also the city where President George W. Bush, Barbara Bush and Gen. Tommy Franks grew up. 

U.S. News & World Report: costs won’t sink Common Core 

Canton burns cash on personnel.  The school district is one of the most innovative large districts in Ohio.  And one of the most efficient in operations, compared to its peers.  

BONUS LINK: I’m not much on Halloween, but for a real scare, ponder the year 2525.  I think we’ve done a lot to address the anxiety addressed in the tune and technology has played a large role in ameliorating these issues.