Wish I could be at #iNACOL13 but EdSurge is providing great coverage 

Update on the Idaho study, from EdWeek.  Blended learning is moving into some fairly remote areas.

Groups pushing for digital devices for all Alaska students.  Alaska.  I don’t want to hear another word about access problems from people in Ohio.

After POTUS pops in on P-TECH the New York Times hosts a debate on the six-year high school.  

The Kinetic classroom comes alive with iPads.  Some more great examples of real-world learning.

Hot in Cleveland: the Cleveland Metropolitan School District is hiring teachers.  Not for next year.  Now.  Smaller class sizes plus mid-year resignations or retirements are taxing the reserves of the 400 substitute teachers. A “now hiring” sign in front of a school building has been a pretty rare occurrence in Ohio the past 15 years or so.  It’s even more unusual in November. 

Bonus Link: this is for my friends at iNACOL in Orlando.  Have fun!