President Obama came to P-Tech in Brooklyn Friday after giving it a shout-out in his State of the Union address.  The Democratic candidate for Mayor tried to stop P-Tech a few years ago.  No matter.

Meet the kid who introduced the President.  From all accounts, he did very well.  We’ll get to the Bonus Link early today: when the President stops by, it typically goes better if one has advance notice..

Data-rigging scandal hangs over Columbus vote. I am predicting a levy defeat but that the incumbents, i.e, those who oversaw the whole mess, will be re-elected.  That’s just how we usually roll in Ohio. It is a challenge to defeat incumbents in a market the size of Columbus.

Common Core runs up against IEP realities.  This, and not forwarded emails claiming the Common Core will make students convert to Islam, will cause far greater resistance and disruption to implementation. 

Mansfield corrects levy campaign error.  The error doesn’t trouble me as much as the fact that the levy campaign wants to stigmatize the parents who have made decisions to send their children to schools outside the district.  The money that leaves the district follows children who are then not being educated by the district.