With apologies to Yogi Berra…

A look at Disruptive Innovation, five years after Disruptive Innovation was published.  The predictions about the opportunity and challenges seem pretty spot on. 

 Teacher: best classroom device is… a great teacher.  Sure.  But are all teachers this great?  

Alaska Gov. announces digital learning initiative.  First Idaho, now Alaska.  How are they doing this and Appalachian Ohio says they can’t?

Competency-based education comes to Northern Arizona University. I am sure there is some reason why we can’t do this in Ohio.

Exxon and the Common Core the Odd Couple? I read the headline and the article.  The article does a good job of stating precisely why ExxonMobil’s support of the Common Core is not odd at all.  Support for the Common Core would be a lot higher if its authors had put “teaching common sense” into the standards.   

1-1 laptop computing comes to Washington Court House.  I think they could have skipped the laptops and gone straight to tablets but a good step nonetheless.  Also, note the Saturday morning roll-out. That’s a good way to minimize class time interruptions and to create community buzz. 

BONUS LINK: in light of the review of Disruptive Innovation’s predictions, let’s look and see how Back to the Future 2 is holding up in its predictions of 2015.