iNACOL study looks at how blended learning is transforming rural education in Idaho. Access is usually a chief concern for blended learning in rural areas but they’ve appeared to overcome that obstacle.  

From Forbes: More on the higher education bubble.  One key difference: people lost value in their homes with the housing bubble.  No one can “lose”an education.  However, many people are stuck paying for an education whose value may not be worth its cost.  In that sense, they are like the people who are upside-down on their mortgages.  

Wisconsin state superintendent defends Common Core. In one column, he makes as solid a case for the Common Core as I’ve seen anyone make.  In one sentence, he shows why they’re so controversial: “This email (from a teacher who supports it) sums up why I adopted the Common Core State Standards for Wisconsin in June 2010.” Note word “I.” Perhaps some more public engagement up front would have headed off some of the problems now.  The education establishment vastly underestimated public suspicion of itself, from the right, left and center.

TFA Founder Wendy Kopp: Putting education on the global agenda.  Young woman shot and nearly killed by Taliban is turning into a fighter for education around the globe.  Her story also makes most excuses I hear here about students not being able to learn seem a bit hollow.

 Partnership brings digital learning to Saudi women.  “(Pearson’s Saudi Arabia Manager Mohammed) Asiri said mobilizing Saudi Arabia’s female human resources will not only be beneficial to individual Saudi women, but to the country’s economy as a whole as it becomes an increasingly competitive, globalized economy. He says providing young Saudi women with excellent digital and IT skills will play a significant role in this mobilization.” 

BONUS LINK: we’re going global here at The Harlow Report.  To celebrate, here is a fun series of quizzes about world geography.  Those who know me will find it difficult to believe that, in 7th grade, I got a C for the year in a class called “World Geography” but that’s what happens to bored and unmotivated students.