Good morning! Portions of my home state of Ohio are celebrating (or deploring) the first signs of snow to hit the state this fall.

POTUS’ SOTU shout-out remembered at P-TECH school prepares for Presidential arrival on Friday. 

7 new iPad apps for educators some are even good ideas for parents.

Kansas district keeps competency-based education after incompetent rollout.  

Ohio U prof takes on Michigan’s higher education bubble, suggests consolidation.  Way to stoke that rivarly, Dr. Vedder. Changes definitely need to come as the price of tuition is met with loans more people can’t repay that lead to jobs that don’t pay them off.  I fail to see how merging universities will increase graduation rates or lower the cost.  Certainly, some savings would come from not subsidizing athletics.  PS, he’d probably be fine with it, but I’d like to see someone suggest merging Akron and Kent or Toledo and Bowling Green and explain how that would increase graduation rates or reduce costs. 

Straight A Fund grants abound in Licking County with more than 1400 letters of intent turned in, folks at the Ohio Department of Education will be very busy in the next month or so. 

Manufacturing Straight A Innovation in Marysville…. district teams with (who else) Honda.  Hyundai yesterday, Honda today. 

Another blended learning innovation grant application in Central Ohio.  Groveport-Madison teaming up with ECOT.

Toledo levy looms large in superintendent’s first year.  I went to the University of Toledo and my first jobs in education were there.  It is a city that should do a lot better than it does and which needs its leaders to come together and agree.  It is, in my opinion, the most balkanized of Ohio’s major cities, and that is saying a lot. 

BONUS LINK: the World Series opens tonight.  If it seems like the baseball season lasts longer than it did, you’re correct. The World Series in 1989 began on October 14th.  Here is a link to coverage from the beginning of Game Three.  After a 10-day delay, the Series was still over before this one will be.