Hyundai grant supports blended in the Bronx.  “ST Math is a blended learning program that uses visual puzzles to introduce math concepts. The program initially uses symbols and introduces words later in an approach that is intended to make the program accessible to all students, regardless of language proficiency. ” Read more at

POTUS pops in on P-TECH after giving the school some air time in his State of the Union earlier this year. ” Through collaboration between New York public schools and City University of New York and IBM, P-Tech allows students to graduate high school with a diploma and a an associate’s degree in computers or engineering.  The federal Education Department is seeking congressional funding to use to replicate P-TECH’s six-year program. New York City and State also plan to copy the school’s model elsewhere.”

Brockton students logging in to latest technology- schools requiring students to lease iPads

From e-SchoolNews (link requires registration) 6 must-read models of blended learning 

Hot in Cleveland: district lands $3M grant from Carnegie Foundation “to open two new high schools that will help students meet Common Core educational standards.”  Does this grant imply that other high schools in Cleveland are not going to meet Common Core standards? I am all for seeing Cleveland get the help it needs and take bold steps to turn itself around.  However, setting up a new high school to meet standards everyone is supposed to meet seems counter-productive.  It’s like hiring a new police officer when the speed limit changes.   Perhaps there is more than this article lets on.

More problems in New York with Common Core.   State school chief reverses decision to cancel public forums.  But now unions want a three-year freeze on using the tests to evaluate teachers. 

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