Technology will not replace teachers.  No, but that’s the fear being stoked by those who have a stake in the status quo and who want to be starting something.  Guess that’s just human nature. 

From Getting Smart: Deeper Learning, or Deeper Doo-Doo?  (that’s my title, not theirs) Money quote: “Whether the adoption of Common Core and digital learning results in powerful learning experiences and better preparation, or thinner test prep and more of the same is a function of leadership in America’s schools.”  

 Common Core standards stir controversy.  There has been a great deal of misunderstanding about these standards, from the lack of attention paid by the news media and the general public when these were rolled out and voted on.  The standards themselves shouldn’t be controversial but if the first time a parent or citizen is hearing about them is when the kids bring home information saying this is a done deal, there is going to be some push-back.  Kudos to the districts in Upstate New York who are trying to bring everyone up to speed.  Too many in education are basically just telling critics to “Beat It.”

School hosts walk-a-thon fundraiser for iPads that’s one way to get buy-in from the kids. Lancaster High already has 1-1 iPads so the grade-school students are catching up.  

Ohio schools recognized for high achievement in low-income areas.  These are schools that succeed despite the odds.  They set a culture of high expectations.  They engage parents and are responsive.  They can make that change.

BONUS LINK: get your MJ on with The Ohio State University Marching Band’s halftime Michael Jackson tribute show.