That’s “Next Generation World-Language Learning” in Spanish

Next-generation world language learning: some great work from the folks at Getting Smart.  Here are some trends in collision with each other: globalization is increasing, the U.S. is behind in its teaching and learning of other languages and has been for decades, class time and teacher positions in foreign languages are getting squeezed because it isn’t on the standardized tests, and parents are hyper-competitive.  I see a large market forming for blended-learning in other languages.

LA doubles down on iPads: kudos for the district for trying to work out the kinks rather than scrap it entirely.  Money quote: “But it only works if teachers are enthusiastic and well-trained, parents are on board, and students see it as more than a way to check out videos on YouTube or play racing car games.”

Common Core hearing in Tampa draws crowd: I say this as a conservative: the Common Core will not be fully or effectively implemented until the concerns on the left are given as much attention as the concerns on the right.  While the author alluded to such objections on the left, the quote came from a 912 member.  Related: 5 Key Takeaways from a Common Core Debate (in Ohio)

Columbus turns deficit projection into surplus projection. If I am not mistaken, I think there have been problems with the validity of this district’s numbers before….

Poverty matters, more so than race, when it comes to college.

Competency-based education means seat time no longer key to college.  Seat time is the education equivalent of seniority in the workplace.

BONUS LINK: here is a movie clip of students picking up lots of seat time.  Circa 1986.