The Making of a MOOC from Forbes.

In Georgia, Decatur County schools gets tablets.

Idaho pilots P-Tech.  The P does not stand for “Potato.” P-Tech stands for Pathways in Technology Early College High School. It’s a modified version of the Early College High School model that prepares students for careers in technology and for which they earn an associate’s degree.  Unlike most Early Colleges, it’s not a time-saver, in that it takes six years to graduate high school and earn an associate’s degree.  However, it is geared very much towards career readiness in a highly-skilled, well-compensated field.  More info can be found here.

Common Core fight heats up in Florida.  Public meetings scheduled.  No one expects much to change. 

Columbus levy on hot seat.  Board gives more authority to superintendent.  Superintendent and subordinates accused by state of cooking the books.  Superintendent retires, other staff leaves.  Mayor leads fight for change.  Board seeks massive tax increase.  I think we need a new board before there is a credible chance of passing a levy of this magnitude.

PS, having grown up in the Columbus area, does anyone else remember when Columbus always had to be “Columbus, OH” in national stories?  Or, as we used to call it, “the largest city with a last name.”

BONUS LINK: more reflective than usual, about how lucky we are. #FirstWorldProblems