Happy Columbus Day everyone.  Or we could all be back on other continents or something. (This might be the secret wish of some anti-Columbus-Day folk.)

Carpe Diem: blended learning academy’s Indianapolis work featured in USA Today. Carpe Diem has also come to Cincinnati this year at Aiken.   Adults can argue as much as they’d like over class size and profit motive. However: will students be more motivated to learn in this environment?  That’s the question that needs to be answered.

Common Core: editorial in the Nashua Telegraph “The fact that there are differences in what is being taught from state to state is hardly our most pressing problem, and it won’t matter that schools in New Hampshire and Massachusetts are teaching the same same stuff, if it’s the wrong stuff. But even if Common Core represents the right stuff, that may not matter, either, if the nation’s public schools don’t get a handle on the drug, violence and other problems that disrupt the learning environment in many schools.”  It won’t matter what the teachers teach if the students aren’t going to learn it.

Teachers Tout Tech I think one of the keys to this school’s success is the age-appropriate applications.  “Kindergarten teacher Denise Meile, who’s been teaching 34 years, said the skills of her students at Cathedral have “really improved” since they started using the interactive whiteboard and the Nabi Android tablets, which are new to the school this year. “They are listening and engaged in the learning process,” she said. Teaching for 34 years, and still able to adapt.

Montgomery County, MD schools consider teen-sleep proposal. Research does indicate that the early start times are bad for teens’ natural sleep patterns, but I am not sure a later start time will lead to more sleep.  If any extra free time is derived, it will not necessarily lead to more sleep.  Seems like the education version of Daylight Savings Time.

More bad PR for Common Core: otherwise known as the education establishment shooting itself in the foot.

Bonus Link: Between the title and the lead story, one might have a good guess as to today’s BONUS LINK.