1,400 state interest in Ohio’s Straight A Fund.  The number of applicants will shrink, particularly because of consortia and there is usually fall-off when it comes time to apply on the deadline.  That level of competition will be good for the grants which do win.

Speaking of Straight A, Dublin school district seeks grant for Lean Six Sigma training.  Youngstown plans to study transportation.  Zanesville area educators keep cards close to their vest, but expect some shared services and dual-enrollment pushes.  I will post others as they become known.

219 applications in for Race To The Top- District competition. Last year, 317 applications were received.  $120 million is at stake.  

Developing rubrics for evaluating online learning programs.  A necessary step.  I hope they can keep up with the pace of technological change.

Dumbo Drops don’t work for technology in the classroom.  LAUSD and the Amplify incident in North Carolina give the movement a bad name.  If only there were were resources on smart implementation.  But some will keep trying it anyway.

BONUS LINK: It’s 10-10, my obsession with dates continues.  In honor, here is a trip down memory lane with Toby Keith and Terry Bradshaw from the late 90s. Nowadays, Toby is on the other side of the bar.  And in case you’re wondering, the service is still around.