Not sure what my obsession with giving nicknames to certain days means, but I am calling today (10-9) “Countdown Day” as in 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1…

Wall Street Journal: Test Your Knowledge on Education. Angry Birds, Common Core, Khan, Udacity, teacher salaries, it’s all here.

From Getting Smart.  Educational Excellence starts in the home.  Nothing newsworthy there.   Given the importance of parental involvement, what does this say about schools that are behind where its demographics suggest?

Amplify charger problem an “isolated”incident in Guilford County.  We shall see.  If the problem persists, we are all a Google news alert away from finding out. 

iPads revolutionize classroom.  Much as I like reading these stories, I look forward to the day when such news is no longer noteworthy.

Common Core exercise outrages parent.  The exercise itself (to scrap two amendments from the Bill of Rights and suggest two others to replace them) isn’t a bad assignment, but the much larger issue is that it completely ignores and in fact substitutes a non-existent process on how the Constitution is actually amended. It’s also exactly the kind of thing that is tailor-made to give parents and other apolitical types a ton of ammunition.

Bonus links:  first shuttle launch, April 12, 1981.  This was less than two weeks after President Reagan was shot.  Note technology and fashion in background, plus terms that would mean a lot more later, such as “solid rocket boosters.”  I remember watching the landing (a bigger deal in my opinion) in my first grade classroom.