Today is Dave Barry Day.  Find out why in the Bonus Link at the end.

E-Learning Helps Saudi Arabia transition to a knowledge-based economy. The press release doesn’t say whether these opportunities are available to both boys and girls.

LA iPad effort has two-pronged image problem. I’d say there are more than two problems, but the district appears to be a difficult one in which to manage anything.

Competency-based education turns fast students into fast graduates.  All well and good, and much needed, but its real effectiveness will come when it can help slow students become average-paced graduates.

MOOCs to teach blended learning: great opportunity to expose teachers to a learning environment in which most didn’t learn.  

Support for Common Core strong in military.  A group of retired military officers supports it and the National Military Families Association suggests school differences are harmful for military children who often move mid-year and may find themselves far behind or bored to pieces in their new school, depending on what had been covered in their previous school.

Bonus link– About Dave: It’s not his birthday, and he’s still alive, but today is Dave Barry day, because if you’ve read the humorist’s history of the United States, you’ll know that October 8 is the only date you need to remember.