10-4 should be CB Day.  It’s Friday, so let’s lead with the Bonus Link.  If 3-14 is “Pi Day” and 5-4 (May The Fourth) is Star Wars Day, then today is CB Day. CBs were all the rage in my early childhood days, although we didn’t have one.  Here is probably where I first saw one though. Trip down memory lane for many.

Blended Learning is nothing new in South Dakota. This appears to be a guest column by a local education official (superintendent)?  Seems a bit defensive.  Would love to know the back story.

Indiana legislators punt on the Core.  The equally split bipartisan panel can’t agree on this, but the Republican Co-Chair is a big supporter.  The Common Core problems will not be solved until the dissent on the left is as understood as the dissent on the right.

It didn’t take long for Arizonans to figure out the name change.  I still wonder how many people in this debate, for and against, have read the standards. Here they are.

USC paper notices nearby iPad blunder.  When I was in college, the student newspaper wouldn’t have had the resources or connectivity to report on anything the city at large was doing.

Youngstown, Ohio sets goal-setting meetings.  This is a place that needs turning around.