Happy Connected Educator Month by Dr. Rob Furman with an expanded vision of how much more districts could save with 1:1 computing.  In addition to the usual savings on textbooks and paper, he expands the playing field into operations.

#AspenAsks what would a trusted learning environment for kids look like?  If you aren’t following this exchange, you’re missing out. And just who is the Aspen Task Force? I’m glad you asked.

Ramsey expands iPad initiative: it’s nice to see a district put the focus in the middle grades for tech rollouts, so that they’re more comfortable with it in high school.  If devices are going to win the “relevance” argument, it will help if students have the devices before they have a chance to deem school irrelevant.

Blending learning like coffee: some good thoughts from Charles Mojkowski

Ohio folks: more stuff parents want to know about schools that isn’t on the report card.  Like safety.

Bonus link: from When Harry Met Sally.  No, not that scene. I think I was behind this woman in Starbucks the other day.