LA iPad quagmire worsens: that’s the local Fox affiliate’s word, not mine, but it’s never used when things are going well.  This is what happens when a district decides on the object first.    Unfortunately, incidents like these only make it harder for those who work to implement technology to improve learning to do it. PS: if only there were resources on the web about doing this right. Like here. And here.

Student feedback on blended learning to the school board.  After one full year in it, kids were ready to share experiences. Background: New Albany is a high-achieving, fairly wealthy suburb near Columbus that has seen explosive growth in the past 15-20 years.   It seems like blended was geared in this case to the high-achievers, which was good because the school needs to keep kids motivated after they pass the Ohio Graduation Test in 10th grade.  Nearly every student would pass.  After that, they’re virtually guaranteed to graduate. The more talented kids are still competing for class rank, scholarships, etc, but the average kid in an above-average district needs a little more to stay focused.

Kid-Friendly tablets encourage more school success.  I normally don’t promote company press releases, but this is meant more for parents.

Ohio parents: want to know how many kids in your kid’s district go to college?  A big thank you to NPR State Impact for digging this up.

On Wisconsin: Globe University going all-digital. The partnership is with Apple.

Going back a few weeks, Florida Virtual School students outperform state averages.  Florida is doing online education right.  I hate to oversimplify, but when even semi-motivated teachers and semi-motivated students buy in to a solution, it’s going to work at least as well as the state average.

Early College going mainstream.  When CNN Money is reporting on it, it’s no longer “niche” or “boutique” as it was frequently called in the Strickland administration.

Common Core Complaint of the week:  it’s too rigorous.  Common Core solution of the week: just change its name.

Bonus Link: Remember this? If so, the link was kind of obvious from the title of the post.  I’ll try harder next time.