MIT head: better, more affordable colleges start online.  The article appears in Time Magazine, which knows a thing or two about the financially painful conversion from print to pixels.

Straight A Fund deadline looms in Ohio.  Full disclosure: I testified in favor of the fund before the Ohio Senate.  Fuller disclosure: the author of this piece, Statehouse correspondent Marc Kovac, his love of Pero Power and his “shaky video” make him a very entertaining follow on Twitter.

Blended Learning: an important part of compliance education.  The more blended we see in the adult workforce, as a tool for continuing education, for instance, the better parents will adapt to it for their children.

Lukewarm in Cleveland: to the surprise of no one, except maybe a few news reporters, the Cleveland Plan isn’t quite there yet, as we review the year in which it and the levy actually passed. I think NPR’s headline bark (scroll down) is worse than its bite.  I’d typically sympathize with the good people in Cleveland Metro School District who are trying to turn things around, but my adopted-hometown Bengals are playing the Browns in Cleveland this week.  Which brings us to the BONUS LINK

OAPCS study: Charters exceed traditional public schools in the Ohio 8 if you exclude online schools, dropout-recovery and schools with such a high special education population that the state doesn’t test them or subject them to rules of closure.  This gives the people who are committed to quality choice something to ponder.

Colleges and the Core: analysis shows colleges and universities key in rolling out Common Core, offering professional development around the standards and implementation.

Enrollment in teacher prep programs plummets in California.